Monday, December 02, 2013

December is Here!

November f l e w by.  I started another position at work (Case Manager) and now take care of 55 clients, so my days went from "full" to "insane".  My brain is on overload from 5:30 am to 9:30 when I go to bed.  And, if I am awake in the middle of the night, I am often trying to problem solve situations for my clients and balance our budget and meal plan.  It is a wee bit much, but I am hanging in there. 

Adaryn is such a joy, but also can be a handful at times!  She gets overstimulated so easily, so now we are at Christmas time and all the lights and sounds make it hard for her her gear down for naps and at night! 
One thing that works great for her afternoon nap is going on a walk at lunch time. I live only a few minutes away, so it is great if we can get outside for a bit.  She is a crawling queen, starting to pull herself up, saying more words (in babble speak) and pointing at things.  It is so cute!

My only goal for December is to get a Christmas card/thank you out.  Because I am 9 months behind on Thank you's, I thought I would just combine them!  SO bad, I know.  I have zero spare time though.  If I am not working or caring for her, I am cooking or cleaning or some other chore!

Now, to take a moment and remember the Reason for the Season.  Ahhhhhhh....

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Becky said...

I'll be praying for you! It's so easy to get overwhelmed (I didn't have a cold-sore for five years and since the holidays hit have had at least 3 in addition to the occasional hive...) but, He gives us the strength to do all things He intends for us to do and in the attitude in which He desires for us to do them. But, I totally hear you and hope that you aren't putting too much pressure on yourself to do things that you don't *have* to!