Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Birth Story

Even almost two weeks later, I am still processing everything, but here is an email that my mom wrote to my sister, telling her about the day:

Ruhiyyih had her baby on Sunday, the 17th, around 6:30 p.m. after about 15 hours of labor, starting with her water breaking at 3:30 a.m. She called us at 5:00, and we were there at 6:30 a.m, ready to spend the day.  It was like a party, with the doula, the midwife and her assistant, Matt, Ruhiyyih and I together in the 'bathtub room' (Matt's study), and George just a few feet away in the kitchen.  He felt so privileged to be included, nearby, and provided food for everyone.  He could hear every contraction, and knew exactly when birth occurred!  There was a joyful sound, then hushed murmuring, so Matt and Ruhiyyih could enjoy this moment.  All of us worked together very well, the whole day, and her labor was well-done; she stayed on top of it throughout. I coached her in breathing and focus, and answered questions directed at me when it got tough.  She was very 'in touch with her feelings', in control, sweet-tempered throughout.  Polite to everyone, thankful.  She sipped water and a special drink throughout, but did not hold down food.

With one long push at the end the baby crowned and slid out in one long push - the uterus just did most of the work, she relaxed.  The baby slid into the water, and the midwife grabbed it, and layed it on Ruhiyyih's chest.  Matt was behind her, holding her in his arms.  He cried, the rest of us just relaxed, joyful, quiet.  The chord was left intact until it stopped pulsating, and the baby drew its own breath - no suctioning - and briefly cried to clear her throat.  They held her in the water, with a towel around her.  Photos taken.  She was very beautiful, fully into her power.  I am so proud of her! She did excellent!

Then she laid down on her bed, baby on top, and they waited for the afterbirth, and attended to details - the rest of us had some dinner, and revisited mother and baby after I did up dishes.  It gave everyone time to have solitude and processing.  Ruhiyyih was very calm and happy. The baby was not tampered with, no ointment in her eyes, no bath, no removal from her mama's arms throughout.  I really liked this - and when Matts mom arrived about 9:30, she brought the baby into her bedroom, and held it all night, resting Adaryn on her chest, near her heart.  The baby has not slept alone, but has had a human holding her now for over two days.  Marion offered to do this so Matt and Ruhiyyih could get some good sleep (which they did), but it was also good for the baby.  She is very sweet and easy-going, latched onto nursing in a gentle way, and is doing just great.

 So that is the basic story... more to come!


Rebekah Thomas said...

I am abundantly happy for you all!!! She is just beautiful as is the love you & Matt have for each other.

Still cry when I see that photo of you all at her birth.

Many, many (((hugs))) from NC

Rach said...

I've been on tenterhooks waiting to hear what happened. Bonita's story as told by an active observer is perfect.

And, speaking of perfect, your angel is beautiful, just beautiful. I'm crying tears of pure happiness and delight for you over here. Congratulations!!

Mandy said...

So good to hear from you! Can't wait to hear more. We must talk soon!

Becky said...

Love your mom's version of your story! You're giving me the baby bug, bad, shoot! ;) What an absolute miracle birth is!

kathsj said...

Oh my, I am weeping with joy for you. What a wonderful birthing story. I am so looking forward to reading how you're going on this wonderful journey. Every day is change, that's for sure! Much love, Kathy xx

kathsj said...

Oh my, I am weeping with joy for you. What a wonderful birthing story. I am so looking forward to reading how you're going on this wonderful journey. Every day is change, that's for sure! Much love, Kathy xx

Carla said...

What a wonderful story. So happy for you guys. She is one beautiful girl. :)

niel han said...

Wow you're look so beautiful and happy. I 'm Korean. So I cannot speak English well... your blog is filled with happiness so I can't away from this blog without comment.

I would like to live like you!

NIBIN P B said...

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