Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 - and 35 weeks!

Well Christmas this year was...different!

For one - Matt was not working.  It was so great to both have the same day off on Christmas.  However, he was sick!  Poor guy.  Came down with a nasty cold that still has not gone away.  I took him to the doctor yesterday so he is on the mend now...hopefully.

Secondly - we hosted guests!  It was fun to have the space to do so.  I need to unload the pictures from my big camera to tell the story.  Food, family, and insane number of gifts, etc.  We celebrated with family over on Christmas eve, and had planned on going over to other parties on Christmas day only to have Matt not be fit for travel.  Staying home was quieter, but still special - it was our last Christmas just the two of us.

Lastly, it was weird to have to work the day before and the day after.  It is not the same without it being a long weekend.  I was at work on Monday while a houseful of guests were in my home cooking and preparing for our celebration - and Matt was in bed!  Oh well.  You can't always be a hostess with the mostess!

Tomorrow marks 35 weeks.  I saw my midwife yesterday with my mom and all is looking well - right on target with growth, etc.  January will be a month of nesting and checking off my to-do list, that is for sure!

More photos to come - at any rate, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a New Year is almost here!


Renee said...

You are so gorgeous! We have a box all ready for Miss Adaryn and I have marked the calendar for the shower. Can't wait to see you. Glad you both had a peaceful, quiet Christmas. Prayers for Matt to get better soon and for you to take it easy!!!!

Becky said...

Sounds like a good Christmas, even if things didn't go as planned ;) You look great and I hope you're feeling good, too!

kathsj said...

You look beautiful, Rose! Just gorgeous! Have a very restful, blessed New Year together. Looking forward to reading your 'nesting' posts in January! K xx