Tuesday, October 23, 2012

25 Week Update

 This is my new breakfast everyday:  two "egg muffins".  I had to give up my cereal and fruit because it caused my blood sugar to be too high in the morning.  See, I did my first glucose screening at the midwife's last week....
I downed a nasty corn syrup drink before my appointment after not having eaten the past three hours.  After the appointment Matt and I went to Panera and had dinner and I thought all would be fine and dandy.  But then I got a call from my midwife the next evening...my glucose test had come back high :(

I was a teary mess.  Was it from eating a few Halloween candy treats during the week?  Did I not work out enough?  Will I get diabetes?  I cried also because the next step was a 12 hour fast/3 hour test that meant drinking twice as much of that syrup...first thing in the morning!  I would have to take a half day off to do the test, and I know that I would not be up to working after it.  It sounds like a horrible thing to do to your body.  The main ingredient was corn syrup.  How in the world does a health clinic push that kind of thing?

I decided I was NOT going to put my body (and my child) through the second test.  What was the point? If I passed, I would continue on as normal.  If I did not, I was referred to a dietician and given a glucometer.

Why not just go that direction anyway?  It would not hurt anyone and it is more education for me.  So I made an appointment with my physician who gave me the referral to the Diabetes Education Center at my nearby hospital.  It sounds like a lot of work to avoid chugging corn syrup!  Still, I feel it was the best decision.

I will be following a meal plan that means less carbs in the morning, and more nibbling throughout the day - no big meals.  Honestly, this was a good reminder to stay away from those desserts!

So that is the most recent update - my next appointment is in mid-November and I will get to review my progress then.  Our little girl is still kicking like crazy... :)


Renee said...

I am so proud of you! I know you will do anything to keep your child and you healthy! Many blessings to you, Matt, and baby Adaryn. She is one blessed baby to have such an awesome Mommy and Daddy! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Miss you!

Rach said...

I failed the first test with both Lil and Ellie. I went in for the three hour one and passed just fine.

Chugging the glucola is something I never want to have to do EVER again.

Good for you for taking charge and making changes. :o)

BarnMaven said...

See, you're already an awesome mommy!

Ruh, can you email me privately? Some of us ladies here at the winery are all fired up to send you stuff for the baby!

Mary R & Mary M both say "hi" - we were talking about you at lunch at our ops meeting this week. You are so very missed here.

-Mary P